Artwave Surf™ is a project for creating technology to generate surfable waves for everyone, anywhere in the world.

We combine inventiveness with mechanics and fluid dynamics to create constant waves for surfing in natural waters.

If you have an urban shoreline, a river or a lake — we can deliver you the surf. Or if you dream of a bigger surf center with many simultaneous waves — just dare to ask. Our solution enables fixed and entirely mobile alternatives with no additional construction required. Once we leave there will be no permanent trace in the nature. Seriously.


We are step by step increasing our presence and looking for opportunities for the first large-scale projects. We see this project comparable to the birth of ski resorts and golf courses. Over decades and centuries those sites have evolved into spaces between wilderness and urban society, allowing safe connection to the nature.

With clever technology we can fully appreciate the nature and surf like never before.

Let’s live the dream together.

Want to surf? Want to collaborate? Want to know more?

Just send us an e-mail to